Basic Information


Each production title is selected by the M.A.K.E. Theatre Productions Team and approved by the M.A.K.E. Greatness Academy Leadership Team. The titles will vary through the year as the team reviews plays and musicals, as well as explores the best age groups for each production. The team hopes to be able to offer multiple titles a year, daytime and evening, and offer your family the flexibility to choose what will work best for your scheduling needs.

Age Groups

The title will often determine the age group based on the ensemble needs as well as the general story line of the production. There will be clear communication offered in regards to the age range for each production we offer. Typical Age Groupings are as follows, however we reserve the right to explore other grouping possibilities.

  • K-12th Grades
  • K-6th Grades
  • 7th-12th Grades


  • There will be a team of at least two M.A.K.E. Greatness Academy staff members, including the Director of the production.
  • Casting is completed by the Director and approved by the Head of Theatre and Head of Academics.
  • ‘Trouser Roles’ (a role which is portrayed by a performer of the opposite gender) will be considered as appropriate to the show, the roles that need to be filled and the actors available to fill them.
  • Any production may be single cast, double cast, or a mixture of the two at the discretion of the director.
  • M.A.K.E. Theatre may continue to recruit until the 3rd rehearsal for open roles if needed.
  • Actors are notified of casting by email within 72 hours of the final audition date or callback date (if applicable)
  • We understand with each production there is opportunity to exercise Godly character for moments of disappointment or moments of excitement. We will send the cast list out in ample time to allow students to experience their disappointment or excitment with their families privately and then be prepared to embrace the journey once arriving at the rehearsal.